So, I Ramble. From an early age I had a deep passion about everything! Clothes, travel, music, current events, cleaning products, famine, homelessness, world peace, you name it….. And most people who are passionate express that passion through word. I have always loved writing. It was my fail-safe subject in school. The one that would pull my F to a solid B. Some of my pieces have been published – a letter to the editor in the Boston Globe, a blog about the beauty that is Trinidad Carnival, and infamously a post stolen from a popular Caribbean forum and sent into the Nation newspaper in Barbados with credit taken by the thief. My family and friends have always encouraged me to share my short stories and written warfare (one of my many nicknames is The Letterist) with a wider audience BUT I was scared. I am inching towards 40 so I have decided if not now, when?


I chose the name Ramble for a few reasons:

  1. I ramble – I am like a toddler who runs in a verbal circle and tires but continues.
  2. I have no focus – most bloggers have a clever niche and fit in somewhere. I really don’t.
  3. I travel often – but I don’t plan my travel, I happen upon it whether it be for work or because I woke up and saw a photo of a place someone else traveled to. There is nothing more intimidating to me than to commit to being somewhere a year from now!

With that, in my attempt to finally be an adult and attempt to do something I have wanted to do for at least the last 18 years, I present the most random blog you will happen upon, Reds Rambles.

You will find somethings about my travel, my lifelong battle with depression, my attempt to address so many issues (self-esteem, auto-immune diseases, how do you lose weight when you don’t leave the house?, 8 years a singleton) in my life but I do so with lots of self-deprecating humour, a wee bit of research and I may even throw in some fashion, passion and open the floor to friends and family as well!

Just a random photo to demonstrate me rambling!

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Written by redsrecommends

Just like every other person who roams this planet - misunderstood and random.


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