Reds Rambles to the Blue Lagoon

For some time now, Iceland and specifically the Blue Lagoon has been on my bucket list – I don’t even know that I have a bucket list per se. From seeing Beyonce and Jay Z grinning in the warmth of the blue waters to the posts of many a blogger blowing up my IG timeline.


Before my 40th (I get it, you’re tired of me mentioning this milestone. I will make a concerted effort to stop bringing it up!!) I said to myself “I will get there”. So two days after my birthday, I jumped on a plane and went to the land of fire and ice for 25 hours. Yep, one day.

Flights from the UK are reasonable especially with the plethora of budget (ordinarily I am allergic to this word) airlines operating here. I was pleasantly surprised with the efficiency of easyJet.

Thanks easyJet for the view!

I was blown away by the greyness that met me in Iceland. Grey and black. No trees, no foliage, just this black dirt. But it was aesthetically appealing. Like nothing I’d ever seen before. I took a taxi straight to the Blue Lagoon from Keflavik. There is a shuttle service, however it doesn’t run hourly and waiting 3 hours in a rather small airport albeit an international one was not how I wanted to spend an 8th of my time. The taxi was £78 for a 14 mile journey! That was a bit outrageous, even for my champagne tastes with water pockets.

When I arrived at the Lagoon, after putting my bags in the locker, having a shower and finding my way outside in 49 degrees Fahrenheit in nothing but a bathrobe, bathing suit and complimentary slippers.

It’s difficult to explain how I felt when I first got outside. It was extremely cold but the visual almost wipes away any chill you feel. The water is a milky blue, a blue I have never seen. Coupled with the vapour that rises from the pool it seems mystical.


Now reader, I must tell you this. Bláalónið (icelandic for Blue Lagoon) was not a crater made by materials sent from outer space from aliens. It is a geothermal spa. On the property is a power plant (Iceland is renowned for renewable energy). The water is fed from the power plant at about 99 degrees Fahrenheit.

I immersed myself in the water and felt the weight of my worries and my body disappear. It was a true ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh moment. I felt lost in time……..until my hair turned into some type of afro in like 5 seconds. Pretty much my hair was curly and fabulous in the lagoon but oooooh chile, when I reached home my hair was like a two month old Brillo pad.


I refuse to show you what my hair looked like after this!

BUT MY SKIN!! My skin was feeling velvet for days. I have Psoriasis on my scalp, forehead, ears and feet (ewwww, I know). My feet and legs have me feeling like I can be a leg model! The silica and other properties in that water made me feel terrific.


That night I slept like a baby, better than I have in years. I slept like I had no bills, a man waiting for me at home, and bank account with seven 0’s in it.

The area surrounding the geothermal spa is gorgeous. Black from volcanic ash and green from flammable, yes, flammable moss. The contrast of colours makes it feel like you are in a painting or an Ansel Adams photo, surreal yet peaceful.





Here are some hints:

  1. Go with someone or a group of someones – this is the only trip I have taken where I felt lonely. I often travel alone but I have never felt more alone than being in the Lagoon and seeing couples, families and groups of frat boys.
  2. Condition the hell out of your hair before arrive and black women, oil your hair to prevent saturation and absorption of the silica and other minerals that can make your hair hard.
  3. Have spare cash – once inside the lagoon you are given a bracelet for purchases (a bit like a cruise ship) and you can lose track of spending – for instance a waterproof phone case cost me £20.00. There is a swim-up bar, the Lava restaurant, if you lose the bracelet, there is a cost apportioned for that.
  4. Purchase entry in advance – you generally cannot purchase at the door because of capacity restrictions.
  5. Purchase a premium package – while a bit costly, it includes a free drink, free slippers, a robe, towel, and the line is generally shorter than the general admission line.
  6. Have a shower cap and/or hat especially if you go when its chilly and raining – I got this hint from another blogger. I had a satin cap and a hat on to keep my tresses soft-ish and my head warm. It was raining during my visit and cold so keeping the warmth from leaving my body was helpful.
  7. Have spare cash in the event you have to take taxis.

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