I’ve been MIA for a bit. I’ve been struggling with a new diagnosis and accompanying symptoms, I’ve been buried in my day job responsibilities, I went to Paris…. well I guess I have been living. 

But even if all of the above wasn’t true, I am inconsistent. I go from one extreme to the next – heavily involved in a project to the point of obsession or desperately trying to escape from my obligations. For years, I was in denial but in “old age” I just have to embrace my easily distracted personality (imagine me a shark constantly twisting to see what fish it can eat only to be distracted by a diver and back and forth). 

credit: @bailan83

ANYWAY! The point of all of this rambling is that I took some unplanned time away from writing and am now back in the saddle! 

I’ll be back with some posts about all the random topics that have been on my mind – my travels to Paris, my love-hate relationship with taxis, the inappropriate and constant oral drivel of politicians, pretty much continuing the random nature of this space. 

If you have anything you want me to write about, drop me a line! reds@recommends.co.uk 


Written by redsrecommends

Just like every other person who roams this planet - misunderstood and random.

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